Top 10 Skin Care Brands in the USA: Who Changed Beauty

Last Updated: April 26, 2019
Top 10 skin care brands in the USA

“I believe all women are pretty without makeup – but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful.”

 – Bobbi Brown

Salute to those who have brought such colors of the world on our face. The cosmetic and makeup company has done a great job by inventing such rouge and treatments.

The United States of America has always been the pioneer in world progress. It did and is doing its magic too in the field of beauty. America has the biggest and best cosmetics brands in the world.

It was too hard to align but we did manage to name top 10 skin care brands in the USA. Their short description, journey, and philosophy is shared with the lovers of makeup.

The Names That Colored The World: Top 10 Skin Care Brands in the USA

These 10 names are hugely followed in the biggest entertainment company, the Hollywood. Celebrities and professional swear by them.

1. Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Maybe this one is the most popular US brand. With high viewers rating and reviews, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics has already saved a firm spot on the top of many top lists. The brand does not only keep us the human in mind but also cares for nature and make things that are 100% vegan-friendly. And is PETA certified meaning cruelty-free.

Their unique formula, super-pigmentation, and fantastic products are loved by celebs and makeup artists from all over the world. They have a huge collection of great tints, tars, and tools.

The OCC is still making lovely environmental cosmetics and tools in the heart of the always awake city, the New York. They promise to be the forefront of color cosmetics while marinating a balance of harmony among makeup lovers and the world. It will surely take the hearts of those who love to color their lives.

2. Jane Iredale

Build in 1994 Massachusetts, Jane Iredale is the famous beauty brands name in America. They believe in true beauty, in nature, and in health. All of their products are dermatologist tested. Keeping women’s in mind Jane established her foundation.Top 10 skin care brands in the USA

She focused on producing cosmetics that can be of multipurpose. Our wish was to give women clear complexions that will enhance their natural features and beauty not hide their flaws behind makeup.

Her mineral-based beauty and skincare product are the former faces of today’s natural products. She was the pioneer. When she started there was very few hand counted products but as the time passed on new products began to appear and they won awards as well.

3. Rms Beauty

Rms beauty is rather new, established in 2009 in South Carolina. The founder was professional make-up artist Rose-Marie Swift who was a familiar name in the industry and has worked with big names as Miranda Kerr and Giselle Bündchen.

Rose, herself, was a victim of faulty make-up products. She felt sick due to the toxicity found in skincare products. So, it became her dream to release a makeup line that was non-toxic, gluten-free, GMO-free, nano-free, soy free and cruelty-free.

Her inspiring ideas gave birth to innovative make-up accessories that only didn’t make us look good but also truly loved our skin and nourished it. The luxury brand has a true fan following among the celebs and pros. The brand can give what you want without any damage.

4. BeautyblenderTop 10 skin care brands in the USA

Another celebrity brand founded by another celebrity makeup artist, Rea Ann Silva. Beautyblender started its journey from 2002 after she has worked for like 20 years in the biggest industry of entertainment and beauty, Hollywood.

In her work life, she found a missing of the perfect tool that will provide the perfect finish. As the HD came along there was a dire need for tools to make the skin look flawless on the screen.

She opts for making brushes and other things that will effortlessly create an airbrushed finish to any make up the base and make them an essential addition to any makeup collection.

One of the creations which you may already have in your collection is the cute egg-shaped sponges. Just like it, her other creations gives perfect coverage, gets those hard-to-reach areas around the nose and eyes, and most importantly, blends your makeup to perfection. They are adored by makeup artists, editors, and beauty junkies alike.

5. Philosophy

The brand started its journey in the year 1996. It debuted at Barneys New York with a little sphere. But very soon take over the industry and was the first ever feature to appear on the first episode of “Oprah’s Favorite Things”.

Even after 20 years now this brand is the most favorite brand in the country. The genius lady behind the whole creation was deeply touched by the natural beauty of Arizona. The goodness of the area was what she brought in the laboratory of Philosophy brand.

They combined gold-standard ingredients with natural, experiential scents and memorable textures. They bring the treasure of nature to you that you can feel with all your senses.

6. Smith & Cult

The fun makeup. It is a totally different world of makeup. The colors are hilarious. They are designed for those who love to see the world through colored lenses. Smith & Cult represents the beauty that embraces imperfections.Top 10 skin care brands in the USA

It was invented by the veteran Dineh Mohajer. She was the one who brought revolution to the color cosmetics when she first founded Hard Candy in the mid 90’s. Now with another veteran Jeanne Chavez, Mohajer is bringing about the next evolution of beauty with Smith & Cult. The products are bound to bring out the child in you who will love to play with all the crazy shades of the world. They are unexampled and exclusive with high performance.

7. Tata Harper

It is probably my most preferred and likes company. Why? They are organic with 1200 acres farm in Vermont for their controlled production. The organic skincare line is handmade in small batches and provides products nationwide at numerous department stores, boutiques, and spas. Their laboratories are open and use only natural ingredients.

Tata Harper has got high reviews and praise for big celebrities and fashion magazines like Vogue, allure. It is all due to her philosophy and hard work. “I want to focus on making the best skincare products in the world” Tata Harper, Co-CEO, and founder.

8. stilla Cosmetics

It is one of the first indie makeup brands. Set in 1994 stilla Cosmetics still continues to make innovative and iconic products for fashion lovers. Since its establishment, for over 20 years now the LA-based brand is trying hard to turn every platform into the runway and drawing inspiration of beauty in real life.

They believe in their heart that the right piece can turn the simplest look into a signature look. They aspire everyone’s authenticity and committed to celebrating it. They hope to create a balanced beauty that performs from the first sunray to the last star blinking in the sky.

9. Not Your Mother’s

Do not go on the name. It may seem very funny and non-corporate but they are very serious about their production. It is their mission and vision to create the highest quality, salon comparable haircare items at the most affordable prices.

The company manufacture haircare items. Not Your Mother’s bring products that will help you to achieve the modern, stylish looks and provide outstanding customer service. You get your needs and answers also at a really affordable price. They have one rule there, “Have a happy hair day!”

10. Dermalogica

It has a long and cultured story of its existence. Skin therapist Jane Wurwand, in the year 1986 first started a training center named International Dermal Institute for offering knowledge and practice to skin therapist. During her journey, she found out that there were not any cosmetic that was following her philosophy. So, she started her own line of cosmetics.

And that is how Dermalogica was invented. She excluded any kind of skin irritants from her skincare products like lanolin, mineral oils, artificial colors or synthetic fragrance and only focused on natural beneficial ingredients.

That is why over the 30 years now the brand is ruling the beauty world. It has become the number one choice of many professional of the industry. All the products care for skin like a pro.

Color the World

It is not the end. America has provided the world with far more great brands like the SkinCeuticals (Dr. Sheldon Pinnell), Elizabeth Arden (Elizabeth Arden), Flower (Drew Barrymore) or Bliss. They have all decided to make each and everyone in the world more beautiful and prominent with healthy products.

“Makeup Is Art, Body Is Spirit”


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