08 DIY Tips to Apply Makeup Perfectly on Oily Skin for Sweat-Proof Long-Lasting Look

Updated: August 29, 2019
some DIY tips to apply makeup perfectly on oily skin

Don’t we love to play with colors? I guess my favorite time pass was drawing and coloring everything in the house and school (2nd to boss around the area). But, I loved the colors. And, as we grew up, our tools changed so does our canvas.

The points discussed here:

  1. The First Step Is of Preparing
  2. Pick Up the Brush, Makeup Time
  3. Flush A Bit
  4. Make Your Eyes Speak
  5. Taking Care of the Master Piece
  6. Setting By Spraying
  7. Lips Talk
  8. Take Notes on Few Other Things Too

No, still it is not a paper but it is our face and our tools are brushes and colors are cosmetics. Makeup people. It is not an easy thing though. It takes months of practice, minutes of days, lots of patience and hand’s skill. Only then a perfect image is created. One who has not apply makeup will not understand how it feels like.

But, when you have got an oily skin, things go ruined with excess sebum that destroys your art. Only an oily skin woman will understand the pain, the frustration, the agony of not being capable of doing anything while you see something of yours is being destroyed. But, there is the solution to every problem and light for every darkness. There are ways to fix the problem of oil and makeup mismatch. Wanna find? Out follow me.

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Problems of Putting Makeup on Oily Skin

That is not even a point to ask. You know the answer that is why you are here. To find its solution. But, considering the newbies and also perfectionist let us put everything on the table with easy words.

The problem or the culprit is the oil in short. The oil makes skin slippery where all the layers of makeup glide away. They deform. The sebum makes it melt and move to different spots. Your eye makeup will reach your nose and lipstick will be found on the chin and cheeks. Also, it will become dull, no, dark~~~~. Black. Your face will look like a mess of ……. do not know what to name it.

Anyhow oil and oily skin will ruin the game.

Makeup for Skin That Has Oily Pits

To save yourself and the time you spent let’s opt for a more concentrated plan that works on oily skin and keep the colors in its right place. From the oily girl, herself found out how to keep makeup intact even during the hottest summer days. Nights included too after all we like to party all night. Well, I like to sleep too. Oh! My sweet pillow!

1. The First Step Is of Preparing the Face

Logical. Whenever you decide to start something you have to prepare for it. You know make a base or ground. Your working table for example. Makeup is an art and your face is the canvas. You will be working your skills on it. So, better make it ready for it too.Tips To Apply Makeup Perfectly On Oily Skin

a. A clean surface is the first and foremost for a base. So, start by cleansing your face nicely. It is better to have a well-hydrated face and also a face bare of dirt and oils. It keeps the makeup on spot.

Tie your hair away from your face. First, wet face with warm water to open the pores and clear the loose dirt and oil. Warm water is the best remedy to get rid of oil from any surface. It dissolves the bond between the oil particles and makes it easier to wash off. Then take a pint-sized amount of a mild cleanser and apply on the face using gentle short circular strokes. Do cheeks, forehead, chin, temples one by one without missing a spot. Rinse away with cold water. It tightens the pores back to its original small size. Pat dry with a clean dry towel.

b. Toning time next. Toners are great!! (my favorites to be exact). You have no idea what a toner can do if you do not use a toner for a good amount of time. Your skin will literary change especially the oily ones. Carry it for a month and never look back again. Wipe your whole face with a suiting toner avoiding eyes of course. Use an alcohol-free toner. Alcohols dry skin. I care for natural things that is why I opt for rosewater. It is so good!!! Witch hazel is also a good choice.

c. Moisturizing time. No, I’m not crazy. The oily face also needs the proper amount of moisture. It may be because you lack enough moisture in cells the pores produce extra sebum to keep the skin healthy. Who knows. So, apply a nice oil-free, lightweight, shine-free, mattifying moisture. Mattifying moistures soak in oil. Apply a thin layer. Also look for a moisturizer with SPF for sun protection.

Additional tip if you use the serum as well apply it with moisture. Just make sure it will not hurt you when you go under the sun.

d. Now prime your face and eyelids. Get your oily skin primer. It provides a smooth, shine-free base for the next products. It will prevent the letting of the makeup. Again, as you select a primer to opt for a mattifying oil free one. It is good if it is in power or ‘liquid to powder’ form. Lay a thin layer and spread it evenly all over including your eyelids. There are different primers for eyelids too. You can get both or do with one single primer for the face.

2. Pick Up the Brush, Makeup Time Correctly

After you have laid a strong foundation let us get started with your skill. Pick up your colors, brushed, sponges and start for the show.Tips To Apply Makeup Perfectly On Oily Skin

a. Play hide and seek. Conceal all your spots in living the life. Your acne, scars, spots, blackheads, you know such thing that you achieve as you live and breathe. Putting light layers of liquid matte concealer minimize these imperfections. And it will not cause breakouts. Do it with a wand or concealer to cover up dark circles, red marks, and all other imperfections.

For better coverage, for extra tough spots, apply a layer of liquid concealer, then a layer of powder foundation and lastly another layer of liquid concealer. Seal all the layers with a final coat of powder foundation. The thing is layers will reveal shiny spots throughout the day. So, you may need to require several touch-ups. No way cream concealers, they clog the pores and cause breakouts.

b. When looking for a foundation opt for powder ones as they create an even complexion while combating excess oil. Read the label for oil-free, mattifying, and noncomedogenic. Use a large powder brush to lay the powder. Spread it evenly. Use circular and dabbing motion.

In case you need additional coverage get a damp sponge and apply another layer with the same motion combo. You can also try mousse foundation or a water-based liquid foundation replacing the powder ones.

c. For another barrier of protection try applying translucent loose finishing powder. Take a small amount of powder into a container’s lid. Swirl a kabuki brush or a powder brush inside the lid till all the powder disappears from there. Move the brush in big circles from the inside of your face to the outside of your face it will put a thin coat of matte finishing powder over your foundation. Do it for your eyelids too if it feels like.

3. Flush A BitTips To Apply Makeup Perfectly On Oily Skin

To look natural and living you need to put some red or pink on your cheeks. Pick up a mattifying blush for the job. Or take a powder matte blush. Circle in the color on your cheeks with the traditional blush brush or a powder reach up to ears.

Avoid two types of blushes. One is shimmery blushes which makes you appear shiny and two is creamy matte blushes that will not stay longer.

4. Make Your Eyes SpeakTips To Apply Makeup Perfectly On Oily Skin

Eyes are the doorways to your soul enhance them. Opt for waterproof, water resistant, and/or long wear items. They will tackle the tension of melting, creased and smudged eye makeup.

Try combining creamy eyeshadow with waterproof eyeliner and mascara. When you prepare your eyes to prepare them with primer and not a concealer.

5. Taking Care of the Master PieceTips To Apply Makeup Perfectly On Oily Skin

It is in the nature of your skin that the oil will be produced and will seep through your makeup. Nothing can be done there. So, what to do. Blot the oil. It will wipe away the oil but will not touch your makeup. Just press a sheet of the paper on your face gently. It will absorb the oil. Peel the pare off once the job is done. No rubbing.

There are blotting papers with powder sprinkle on it. They absorb oil and leave powder. If you do not want them then just sprinkle the loose powder on your own. Take a puff, sponge, or beauty blender to press the powder on the oil-leaked spots. To do that always carry these two things with you.

One sincere advice to a beauty and health lover from another. SPF. Do not miss SPF. It is not just a cosmetic but your shield. Sun’s rays are very harmful and as the environment is getting destroyed thanks to us we better buckle up. Putting lots of SPF product will not add up the amount. They will stay the time they were given only. Always wear a sunblock before stepping under the sun.

6. Setting By SprayingTips To Apply Makeup Perfectly On Oily Skin

You may have seen it already. The makeup setting sprays. Not for the hair but for the makeup on the face. Set yourself too with one. Close your eyes stretch your hands and spray from a foot away. Let the mist fall on your face. That is enough.

7. Let Your Lips TalkTips To Apply Makeup Perfectly On Oily Skin

As for lips prepare with your face too. Apply a concealer and then followed by the color you choose.

8. Take Notes on Few Other Things Too

Makeup on the oily face is not an easy task to take care of a few things as well. Mark these points well and consider them.

a. Do not put more than the layers that are It will make you sweat and you know what happens when you sweat.

b. As said before blotting papers and loose powder are must for your purse.

c. Opt for mattifying products that are oil-free, alcohol-free, acne-free, waterproof, water-resistant, or long-wear. Water does the same thing as oil so stay away from water too. Not water-base but water. Water-proof products are your best friend.

d. No heavy creams and moisture. Keep them in store for the night not before makeup underneath it. So, in the morning and before makeup, use lightweight non-greasy products. Your sunscreen too should be light.

e. Apply the oil controlling mask and do scrubbing regularly to regulate the oil production. After all, prevention is better than care. Make your skin already ready for oil control management.

f. Serums and toners will be your best friends. Trust me the effect is out of the world.

g. Try mattifying serums for the oily skin. It will help to hold the makeup in place. Pour a few drops and evenly spread with fingers.

h. BB and CC creams are great options too to hide blemishes and go for a no-makeup makeup look. Look for oil-free acne suiting ones.

Paint Your World

The heart wants what it wants. If it wants makeup then makeup it is. Even the oil will not stop us. But, ask yourself why the heart wants makeup. Is it showcasing its talent or there is a hint of hiding something. If there is the slightest possibility of the later one, even as the sand grain you better not apply the makeup.

As you are you as you are. Learn to embrace all your flaws and achievements and flaunt them out to the world. Girl, you do not have a beauty standard you yourself is an epitaph of beauty. Your existence is a beauty.

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