10 Superb Foods to Get Healthy Hair and Scalp

Updated: August 29, 2019
10 Superb Foods For Healthy Hair And Scalp

The problems of hair are uncountable. Their reasons unknown. But there is a remedy and that is eating healthy. Find out 10 superb foods for healthy hair and scalp.

The points discussed here:

1. Meat
2. Egg
3. Oysters
4. Salmon (Omega-3 fatty acid)
5. Green Vegetables
6. Sprouts
7. Fruits
8. Legumes
9. Tomatoes
10. Walnuts

Every girl and boy dreams of having healthy shiny manageable hair. But thanks to pollution, our negligence, and bad products we lose our hair every day a bit by bit. It then needs something to revive.

Eating is the easiest way. At least I find it that way. We do eating every day also three times. For some, twice or more than 4 times a day. But people eat. And true to say we also work for it. So, just improvising our diet that we carry out every day will help us get healthy hair and scalp.

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Eat these 10 foods to make your hair and scalp healthy

Options are huge. They are tasty. They look lovely and colorful. They are available. And except for the great hair, they will give you great skin, body, brain, and life. Dig in!!

1. Meat

Hair needs protein. 97% of hair is protein. Meat especially lean red meats have lots of protein. It prevents hair loss and promotes cell build up. Red meat also is a source of iron. Iron allows the other nutrients to get more easily absorbed by the hair follicles.

It also has sulfur that promotes hair growth by increasing blood circulation and decreasing inflammation, thus again preventing hair loss.

Else than that chicken, redfish, has a protein that can help with hair and scalp. The liver also contains a high amount of vitamin A and vitamin B3 which enhances circulation in the scalp.

2. Egg10 Superb Foods For Healthy Hair And Scalp

Eggs are the superfood. They help with everything for an optimum health. Hair is build of protein and keratin. That is why foods rich in these nutrients encourages hair growth and prevent loss. Eggs contain a nice amount of both. It also has plenty of vitamin B12 that penetrates into the hair follicles, repairs, and nourishes.

Along with that egg contains zinc, selenium, sulfur, and iron. Iron also helps in providing oxygen to the body as it combines with blood’s hemoglobin and oxygen ion.

3. Oysters

Oysters are rich in minerals like zinc needed by the hair. Zinc works in tissue growth and repair. In the deficiency of zinc, strands begin to fall and scalp becomes dry and flaky. Oyster also provides us with protein and iron. As well.

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4. Salmon (Omega-3 fatty acid)

Omega-3 fatty acid plays a very important role in regulating body function properly. They are the good type of fat that our body cannot produce but needs so, you have to take them in supplements.

Omega 3 is found in cell membranes in the skin of our scalp and in the natural oils that keep our scalp hydrated. If it is lacked then there may be a chance of dandruff, hair thinning, eczema, psoriasis, sun and age spots, etc.

Omega-3 fatty acid prevents loss of excess moisture thus keeps cell healthy and hydrate.

5. Green Vegetables10 Superb Foods For Healthy Hair And Scalp

The all healthy and super food green vegetables know more than being green. They are great for brain, skin, and hair. It works diligently in promoting good hair. Green leafy vegetables are a great source of vitamin A and C and also have heavy doses of iron and selenium along with other nutrients. These vitamins assist in the production of sebum, which conditions the hair scalp and promotes hair growth by keeping scalp moisture.

Kale, spinach is rich in vitamin A, broccoli in vitamin C, curry leaves, beans, cabbage are a good choice for green veg. Eat spinach raw if possible. Cabbage too. The iron, beta-carotene, folate and Vitamin C in spinach helps keep hair follicles healthy and scalp oils circulating.

6. Sprouts

They are great for growing hair. Sprouts are a great source of protein, minerals, vitamins, water and other things. Daily consumption of sprout make hair shiny and smooth as well as keeps your bowel system maintained thus providing a better digestion system and distribution of nutrients around the body including scalp.

Some great sprouts are broccoli sprouts, cress sprouts, daikon sprouts, bean sprout, onion sprout, radish sprout, almond sprout, alfalfa sprout, grains sprout, green pea sprout and so on.

Take them in a salad, add in sandwiches and my favorite is to have them in soups. A cup of hot soup filled with sprouts and tomatoes under a blanky and watching some hopeless romantics like Confession Of A Shopaholic on Friday night. Not my fault!

7. Fruits10 Superb Foods For Healthy Hair And Scalp

Fruits have more them beauty and taste. They are Holy Grail of nutrients. Filled with vitamins, minerals, antioxidant, water; they have everything (almost) that is required by the body to maintain health.

Citrus fruits like orange have vitamin C helps in getting healthy and shiny hair. It is a great antioxidant. It contributes to producing skin collagen and retaining Vitamin A and E. Oranges are also rich in beta-carotene, flavonoids, and magnesium that boost hair growth.

Apple every day will not only help to keep the doctor away but will also prevent hair problem. Apples are natural hair growth boosters. The soluble fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants make your hair better than ever before and it is the presence of phenolic compound and biotin in apple skin that strengthens the roots of the lock and promotes hair growth naturally.

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The sweet old banana has played a great role in the healthy lifestyle for a long time now. It is a storehouse of potassium and other minerals, fiber, magnesium, provides instant energy and promotes hair growth. This fruit takes care of each and every strand and makes them stronger. Bananas contain a huge amount of Vitamin A and minerals which are essential for hair health.

Avocados fruit or oil both love our hair. They are the powerhouse of Vitamin B, C and E, and beta-carotene that are crucial for a healthy set of locks. It ensures that the capillary walls get sufficient oxygen, hence promoting scalp circulation. Also, the high-fat content in avocado also makes it a great choice for a hair conditioner.

But that is not it. Pineapples (Vitamin A, C, Beta Carotene), Grapes (Vitamins, Antioxidants, Minerals), Apricots (antioxidants, fiber, and low in calories), Peaches (Biotin), Plum (Bioflavonoid), Guava (Vitamin A), Berries and Cherries, Gooseberries, Lemon and so on.

8. Legumes

Foods like peanuts, kidney beans, chickpeas, and other similar pulses are legumes. They are flavor rich and full of natural oils that moisturize the hair and scalp imparting shine to the hair. Kidney beans have been acclaimed for their healthy hair promoting abilities. It is also a great non-meat vegetarian source of iron.

9. Tomatoes

Tomato is my most favorite fruit in the world. I love them for its taste. But it has more than that. Tomatoes are rich in lycopene, an essential antioxidant which helps maintain the collagen in the body. This, in turn, is good for nourishing the hair and promotes shiny and healthy hair. It also helps to maintain weight and grow blood cells. Thus, providing us with enough nutrients.

10. Walnuts10 Superb Foods For Healthy Hair And Scalp

Have you seen how hard a walnut shell is? It is the same strength that walnuts provide your hair with. Strong unbreakable strand! They are the only nuts who have a significant amount of Omega-3 fatty acid.  It provides an effective shield against harsh sun rays. Too little biotin can lead to hair loss and walnuts prevent it. Walnuts also have copper minerals which help to maintain the natural color of the hair.

Healthy Diet, Healthy You, Healthy Hair

The truth is what you eat is shown outside. If you have a healthy diet then you will have healthy features that attract. But if your inside is not well because of your poor diet for sure your appearance will show it. So, keep these things mind when you eat.

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