10 Killer Grooming and Skin Care Tips for Men to Look Always Cool

Updated: October 20, 2019
grooming and beauty tips for men

Appearances are a big thing. No matter how hard we try to say we care about the inside and the heart and blah-blah everything starts with the eyes. They look and decide whether or not to continue or to run opposite direction. These 10 grooming tips for men to keep fit always will make people stay and continue.

The points discussed here:

1. Create Routine Visit to Barbers
2. Find Correct Hair Products
3. Smile Brightly
4. Smell Pleasant
5. Get A Good Skin
6. Know Tricks of Manscaping
7. Manage Facial Hair for a Better Sight
8. Eyes Speak a Lot
9. You Have Nails Too
10. Dress Up

The trick lies in the everyday little task. You know, drops of water make the mighty ocean? Similarly to that, you have to regularly do little things that will keep you fit and make you look charming and attractive always.

These little tasks are no alien either. Just daily stuff which are must in daily civilized life. In fact a part and parcel of our lives. So, thus by living your daily life in a controlled manner, you can change completely. Is not that ravishing?!

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Look great all day long with these simple skin care and grooming tips

Just regulate your day to nightlife and you will rock the floor. Sincerity will take you far.

1. Create Routine Visit to Barbers10 Grooming Tips For Men To Keep Fit Always

Having a well-maintained hair is the key to many things. Like less hassle of preparing it every morning, getting products, maintaining it the whole day and of course looking good too. Make a visit to barbers regular and add it to your routine. Once or twice a month must.

It will be better if you find a fixed barber whom you can trust. Thus, the tension of getting a wrong haircut will cut down.

Try new styles once in a while. Nothing too fancy or unrealistic, unless it is a one-time big event like a party or red carpet. Modest modern day haircuts are always welcomed by everyone. ANd by exploring you will find your style. Your very own signature mark.

2. Find Correct Hair Products

When you cut your hair correctly it is equally important you keep their health and look intact correctly. Soaps are not for hair. There are products designated for hair. Products that will save you and your day, like shampoos, conditioner, mask, gel, spray and so. You do not need to have the whole regiment in your cabinet but at least get the basic and also those which suits your hair and skin.

There are more than the good old trusty Brylcreem now.  A whole section of your local mart is filled with men’s hair product. Do visit it soon.

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3. Smile Brightly10 Grooming Tips For Men To Keep Fit Always

Just the way you like your girl smiling the same way your girl like you smiling (no girl? Than other living beings even your pet). People who have a lovely smile always garner extra points on personality judgment. A smiley face is much more attractive.

And to have a bright smile you better have a bright set of teeth, 32 shiny white enamel for most. Anyways, stain free bright white teeth and stink free breath are what important. The market has provided us with the high-tech product, brush, flosses, mouthwash are far more advanced and effective than before and have low maintenance.

Check out this Sterline Sonic Pulse Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush with 3 Brushing Modes and UV Clean Technology, Brush Heads Replacements Included on Amazon

And a good set of lips are an asset too. After all, they live the life.

4. Smell Pleasant

There was a time when men used to be compared with dogs and pigs (not that it is not now) but men have come far away from those traits. Men are now much sophisticated and pleasant from those ancestors living in caves or barns. They live in good houses (tidy too perhaps) and take baths and do skincare routinely (right?).

Anyways, smell pleasant does not mean you have to smell like cherries and blossom. A man should smell like a man, woody, spicy, citrusy and manly. But most importantly they should not smell bad.

Body odor, foot odor, bad breath is a complete no-no. Yes, we wear trapped shoes and boots. We have suits and jackets on. We work out in the field and we do sweat like a pig but that does not mean we are unhygienic and we will smell, right brah?!

Get a good aftershave, cologne. Make sure they are a subtle part of your aura nor your coming sign. ‘Here comes the garden boy’(!!). Less is more when it is about fragrance.

5. Get A Good Skin10 Grooming Tips For Men To Keep Fit Always

Not only a good mug but a good body, including your neck, back, chest, hands, legs, feet, etc. Keep your skin nice and healthy. You do not have to be a beach model but you can surely have the decency of looking fresh, clean and well-groomed, great if well maintained. Scrub, mask, clean your face, body, and feet. Feet get dirty easily and badly. Scrub it hard so that it does not grow fungus or smell bad. A good safe soap, cleanser, scrub, mask, body wash, should be stored in your bathroom’s cabinet all the time and traveling with you on your trips. Or at least the least.

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6. Know Tricks of Manscaping10 Grooming Tips For Men To Keep Fit Always

Body hair is natural and everybody has them. You do not have to wax or go extreme but keep them in minimal. Flaky dry skin with a hairy bear is a very bad combination. Underarm hair is also very unpleasant.

Trimming your public is not only perfectly acceptable in the 2010’s, it’s polite. Just think what you will consider in your partner. Keep all the devices you use for this sensitive task separate from what you shave your face with. There are many electric, non-electric devices and products to help you with all the trimming and shaving of a different place. They give maximum effect and minimal discomfort.

7. Manage Facial Hair for a Better Sight

Man grows facial hair mustache and beard. They are very manly indeed. Keep them on the track. Cut them, style them and of course clean them. Like hair on the head, it also needs moisture. Treat it well.

Rapid Bear Beard Grooming & Trimming Kit for Men Care can be great for those who have a long beard or want to try it.

Except those two places, also keep an eye on your nose and ear hair. Cut them all. They are never appealing or anyhow acceptable. Cut it off completely. Neck too is included. The salon is the place but now there are many tools out in the market to help you with your daily shaving. After shaving sooth your skin.

Remington PG525 Head to Toe Lithium Powered Body Groomer Kit, Trimmer can be your answer to all shaving.

8. Eyes Speak a Lot10 Grooming Tips For Men To Keep Fit Always

Dark circles, wrinkles, fine line and crow’s feet around the eyes, puffiness are also friends of men. Treat it properly. Eyes are always sensitive and prone to damage. And I do not know if you have noticed eyes are one of the first areas of the body that begins to get old and dull first.

So, keep eyes on the eyes. Use of night creams and anti-aging creams before the time is up. Even teenagers should take care of it sincerely. Application of night cream and eye cream from an early age is not bad. Treat wrinkles even before they appear.

9. You Have Nails Too

I do not know why but in recent times I have seen many men to completely ignore their nails. They do not cut it, clean it but bite it. Many cases are like they do not even know that nail exist.

But they do. Nails also need cutting and cleaning. That does not mean running to a manicurist but do it at home. Keep them short and clean. Do it weekly. Use nail strengthener so that both your nails and cuticle stay healthy and do not irritate you and others.

10. Dress Up10 Grooming Tips For Men To Keep Fit Always

Apparel often proclaims a man. And it is true. Human subconsciously starts judging you the very moment they see you and your clothing plays an important role in that. You know the first impression is the last impression? Well, it is not 100% true but your style gives away many things about you. And they can also make you appear more charming than your personality is.

So, have proper clothes. It does not have to be branded or tailored made but of your size, matches your society or environment, shows out your personality and most importantly clean and fresh.

Carry accessories like watches, glasses, belt. Match your belts and shoes. It makes everything more sensible. Build up a basic wardrobe. Have 2 or 3 pairs of shoes, snickers, and flip-flops. Alter shoes every day. And do not wear them regularly. It will make wear them off slowly and will not make them stink. Let all your footwear and other clothes dry nicely. But do not leave them out in the sun for long. It will fade the colors and hurt the material.

Lastly, posture! It is a very important thing. Especially when it comes to a man, someone standing shoot up straight with head held high, backbone like a stick and with confidence, well he is the man of the game.

Game On!!

Are we ready for it, brothers? Next time we will be attractive as hell!!

People are more realistic now. They do not anymore dream about knights in shiny armor, nor girls believe a K-Pop idol will appear in their life (well, I will take a second guess on that. Those idols are damn popular). Simplicity and consistency attract more. You do not have to be the best, just be the best of you.

Everyone loves genuine unique things, especially in a human and when it can be an S.O.

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