10 Killer Tips for Men to Get Smooth and Clean Face

Updated: January 15, 2020
tips to take care of facial skin properly for men
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Men also have a face that they have to keep. Not only dignity wise but also look wise. After all, looks do matter. For helping in the mission we have shortlisted 10 effective tips for men’s facial skincare.

These tips teach you from the basics and help you to grow from there. They are like ABC’s. But they are theories the whole world of skincare is built on.

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To be a man with a good face and a man that is attractive having healthy clear skin is important. It is a sign of class and being responsible.

How to take care of men’s facial skin perfectly

Taking care of skin is not a thing of one or two days but it is a lifetime process. Nor fast and hard 10 rules can help you. But knowing basic is important. And here is the basis for you. The well-aged man of 60, the almost matured man of 40, the coming of age 20 and the wild clueless teen, all are welcome to the world of basic skincare.

1. Know Your Skin Type

You cannot treat the problem if you do not know what caused it in the first place. To solve math you have to know every single piece of information that is provided about it and understand what it needs in addition.

Every man is different from another. Every man has its’ own lifestyle, value and responsibility. The same goes for their physical features and needs. Every skin is different, telling a new story. Every story has its own culprit and a hero (or two with a heroine, perhaps).effective tips for men’s facial skin care

So, in a nutshell, you have to know the project you are dealing with. To treat your skin like a regal find out what it is made of and what it craves for. The skin has many types. The main types are oily or acne-prone, dry, sensitive, combination and normal skin. You have to search for your skin type. You can either go to a dermatologist or compare yourself with the features of each skin type.

The features are pretty clear too. Your sebaceous glands or sweat glands or pores play the most important role. Depending on their activity rate your skin gets its very own type. Like, how your skin feels after a period of time or under the sun. Do the sebaceous glands work hard? I mean do they produce so much sweat or oil that your face feels like oil mine in Iraq? Or are they idle and makes you feel like the Sahara desert of Africa. The former one means oily and the latter refers to dry.

And when you get to experience the best of both the world all over your face, congrats! It is a combo!! And when you know your skin is really boring and does not give you any extreme experience stay ok all through the day it is a very monotonous and easy to maintain normal skin (so boring!).

Once you have figured out what your skin type is you will find the internet giving you thousands of tips regarding each. Find them out. And what you need to find? Read below.

2. Use a Good Manly Cleanser

The first step of a good face and skin is keeping it clean. And for that, you need a cleanser. A face wash or soap helps. There are more than just enough products in the market to help you with the cleansing department. Considering all skin types and problems manufacturers have brought in dozens of products every year in the sale. You can go to the local drugstore, mart or Google to get one for yourself.

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First, damp your face a bit, lukewarm water is a kinda good option for sometimes, then take a pint-size of the cleanser on fingers and rub it on the face in a gentle circular motion. Concentrate on the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin. That is where the most dirt and sweat accumulate. Wash of completely from around the scalp line to ears and neck. Make sure nothing is left behind or it will cause a breakout.Scrubbing Off Skin Is Important

Or if you are the natural type or have someone in your life who is the natural type than go for DIY. Your choice. But whatever you choose never miss to clean face at night before bed and after coming back from outside. Some good quality face washes for men are:

3. Scrubbing off Skin is Important

Next comes scrubbing. It is very important. Many people do not understand but proper scrubbing is a must of skin. You see our cells die after a certain period of time. Then the dead cells fall off the face but as we grow old and our body becomes a bit insufficient. The dead cells tend to stick behind.

These cells then clog our pores making it get inflamed also, creates a dark patch over the skin. As we scrub off the pores of the cells get cleaned and new fresh, bright skin gets revealed. That is what looks good on the face, healthy and radiant skin.

But as you scrub you have to be very careful. Wrong scrubbing will cost you extra. More than what you have. Scrub gently, and only once in a week or two. Follow the safety rules of scrubbing.

4. Apply Mask on Face

Mask is something mostly seen as a woman covering her face with colorful gooey or paste type thing and walking around the house. Have you ever think, what is the benefit of covering your face in that stuff and wait helplessly for 10 minutes or so? Well, the answer is on their skin! Is not it gorgeous?

Masks are food for face actually. They provide the face with nutrients and good stuff it needs. As it stays put on the face they transfer all their goodness to it. Though there is a lot of mask, good ones in the market I prefer having one freshly made in the circumference of my area and knowledge. It not only ensures quality but I can also regulate what is going in. Thus, I can design a mask that is entirely needed for my skin type.

5. Better Razor and Shaving Tools to Look Better

Men and shaving are best friends. Since they hit puberty and grow their first beard. There is not a period of life after that you do not have to worry about shaving. It may be short trimming, full shave, every second day or after week, shaving does not stop. And it has a lot to say on our face.

For shaving a shaving cream or gel and a razor is a must (duh!). When you buy shaving cream or gel figure out what type of softener suits your facial hair best, consider your skin type too. A moisturizing gel is better as it provides a protective barrier.

As for razor, a good razor can be a lifetime asset. When buying a razor count in your skin sensitivity, beard coarseness and how many blades the razor has. Razors with several blades are more likely to give burn and ingrown hair as they pull deep into the skin.

Shaving after a bath or during is a kinda good idea. It creates less mess and your skin is much softer than. Steaming your skin before shaving gives the same effect.

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6. Aftershave Care Makes Face Less Irritated
effective tips for men’s facial skin care

After shaving comes aftershave. A good and quality aftershave can make your day, whereas a bad one will make you suffer. The best thing about aftershave that I love is its soothing effect it gives on the burning raged skin.

All the irritation goes away when the right aftershave is put on. It also seals in the pores. The smell of a nice aftershave is liked a lot by the gals by the way. And when you buy one (or DIY) make sure the list does not contain alcohol in it. Alcohol dries out the skin.

7. Moisturize for Healthy Skin

Men’s skin is hard. Everyone admits it. It cannot be petal-like as the women’s. It may also have hair but sandpaper is not acceptable. Moisturizer makes skin touchable, bearable, better kissable. No one likes cactus on their lips.

Moisturizers also protect skin from harmful elements and keep it healthy. Excess oiliness and dryness can also be tackled with the right moisturizer.

8. Tone with Toner for Even Tone

Toners are the most neglect skincare product, both by men and women. Toners are a multi-tasker. They clean the leftover grime and dirt, provides the first layer of moisture, works as a serum. It will balance the pH level, make skin clean, even skin tone, clear acne, hydrate, soothe, prevent aging and more.

effective tips for men’s facial skin careToning at night is the best option. Though you can tone whenever you want to. At night skin goes to repair mode and toning helps a lot. So do not miss them.

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9. No Sunscreen on Skin, No Sun to be Seen

Once in an article (it was long ago and I do not remember the details), something struck my eyes hard. A doctor said no matter what you do always put sunscreen if you want to stay healthy. I did not realize it back then but now I know what it means.

Sun gives us a warm shiny ray of light. But among those rays, there are UV-A and B too. They are not that shiny and bright for our health. They cause us to age faster and even may lead to cancer.

So always wear a good sunblock. Sunblock helps us to be protected from those rays. Wear it half an hour before you leave the house and do not keep it on when you are inside a building. It is a no at night too but must never be missed during the morning.

There are SPF measures. It is to count how long will it help you. The SPF means its action time, multiply the number by 10. The result is the minute how long the product works.

10. No Extra Hot Showers

Men love to take a hot shower maybe that is because they stay outside a lot, do lots of physical works which makes their muscle ache and hot water give them ease. And they open up the pores too.

When you bath in hot water it is better to avoid the face. The temperature that your body can handle may be too much for your face skin and its tissue may get disrupted. After a bath always splashes cold water over the whole body and lots. It will soothe and close the pores so they do not collect more dirt.

Your beard (if you have any) needs cleaning too. It has its own cleanser, moisturizer, comb, and other stuff. As your beard is not out of the facial area to have a good face have a good beard too. After all, the beard is the sign of a man.

Else than these tips you have to keep a watch on what you eat. Not because oily food and fries are going to make you break, it is a myth but because healthy food makes you healthy and beautiful from inside. Be gentle on your skin. rough handling can cause premature wrinkles.

Give up the bad habit of smoking, drinking and staying non-hygiene. These habits are no joke. Just because the symptoms were not visible on one of your old man that does not mean they are good. It means they have other problems that you are not aware of. Keep yourself hydrated. It keeps the cell functioning properly. Alcohol, coffee, soda, soft drinks are not the source of water. But fruit juice, milk, vegetables, and water is.

Summing Up

Old gold days of men working in the fields are gone. In the 21st century whether a man is working in a field or not, does not compromise the attraction and demand of a good face. As you care about muscles girls care about good looks and that too a lot. Also, having a good clear face, may not be Johnny Depp but a healthy face gives you a lot of advantages in society.

How We Pick The Product

We recommend products by researching Amazon best-selling items, user’s reviews, YouTube reviews, talk show interviews, higher rated products, most reviewed items, celebrity gossip, daily publications, and magazine interviews with celebrity, dermatologist or doctor.

We research the product’s literature from the trusted sources. We frequently refer many leading publications – Elle, Allure, Cosmopolitan, She Knows, Good Housekeeping, Reader’s Digest, Best Reviews, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Vouge, Buzzfeed, etc.

We also often analysis the product’s information from the reliable sources (who make the deep testing) like Cook’s Illustrated, America’s Test Kitchen, Consumer Reports, Consumer Testing Laboratories, etc.

It’s better to note that every product does not work for everyone. And the result may be different because of different skin tones, types, and conditions. So, often your dermatologist may give you the better recommendations which product you should use for your skin.


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