9 Best Fairness Night Creams for Oily Skin and Acne

Updated: March 2, 2020
best fairness night cream for oily skin
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As time passes our natural skin tones get darken thanks to the sun, chemical, age and much more. We become dull and lose our natural shine. Restore your gift from the heavens with the best fairness night cream for oily skin.

Not all products suit oily skin and unfortunately, can make it breakout. Then that is a bigger problem. It is the biggest headache for people with acne to choose a product. These whitening creams are designed for oily skin. They will not cause breakouts or make you feel oilier.

They not only lighten your tone and makes it even but also keep your skin healthy and free of excess greasiness, blemish, blackheads, whiteheads, and pimples.

Why one should use a night cream

The night is the best time when our body repairs. Our whole being is kept to rest as we sleep. Our brain takes a break from a busy condition and focuses on recuperating. It is the best time for skincare too. As we sleep and our skin is free of makeup, sun, stress, and dirt. It can heal. Our skin can get the best from the products we provide it. That is why applying skincare products at night is the most effective. A night cream will help your skin a lot.

The best fairness night cream for oily skin

1. Olay Natural White All-in-One Fairness Night Creambest fairness night cream for oily skin

Get a fairer and even skin tone with the combined effect of fairness cream and spot remover. Olay Natural White Healthy Fairness Night Cream provides intense moisturization and reveals healthy and radiant skin. It is specially designed to give your skin nutrients at night for healthy-looking natural fairness that glows and nourishes while you sleep. It is formulated with the triple nutrient system – Vitamins B3, pro-B5 & E, treats your skin all night to reduce the appearance of dark spots and dullness.

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2. Pure Biology Anti-Aging Night Creambest fairness night cream for oily skin

It is the strongest non-prescription anti-aging blend that is enhanced with proven base ingredients, pure retinol, hyaluronic acid, and Fision™ Wrinkle Fix, a proprietary anti-aging ingredient. Pure Biology Anti-Aging Night Cream is clinically shown to even skin tone and deliver the most potent wrinkle reduction benefits among non-RX grade cosmetics. This lightweight formula goes on like a serum, feels like a gel and hydrates like a thick cream, ideal for the sensitive, oily and acne-prone skin. Protects skin for up to 48 hours.

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3. LilyAna Naturals Retinol Creambest fairness night cream for oily skin

This pleasantly smelled advance tone improving anti-aging formula is designed for daily use with maximum prescription strength effectiveness. LilyAna Naturals Retinol Cream is loaded with the best ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, Green Tea, Shae Butter and Jojoba Oil for men and women with all skin types. It improves uneven tone, skin texture, and overall appearance, fades away sun damage, spots, scars and stretch marks, and repairs and restores life back into your skin by revealing your true beauty without leaving any oily residue.

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4. VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Night CreamVLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Night Cream

This product reduces dark spots, manage excess oils and gives you glowing skin. VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Night Cream is rich in natural oils. While you apply it on your face you are giving good massaging to tired skin cells which is ideal for night care. It delivers active ingredients that correct skin darkening, removes blemishes and dark spots, deeply hydrates the skin and rejuvenates skin cells, and hence giving fairer and radiant complexion along with prevention from early aging.

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5. Neutrogena Fine Fairness Overnight Brightening Creambest fairness night cream for oily skin

Use it as the last step as your night routine after cleansing. Apply on face and neck both. The double whitening action of Neutrogena Fine Fairness Overnight Brightening Cream visibly brightens the skin immediately after applying. It contains newly upgraded Healthy White Complex (infused with Lily extract), which is scientifically shown to help detect and lighten pigmentation at the source and helps inhibit future melanin production. This daily whitening cream works deep beneath the skin’s surface to help the whitening process and boost translucency.

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6. Christina Moss Naturals Organic Facial Moisturizerbest fairness night cream for oily skin

It contains Star Anise Seed Oil, which gives it a natural, mild licorice scent. Christina Moss Naturals Organic Facial Moisturizer evaporates shortly after application. The unique blend of ingredients is formulated using our proprietary manufacturing method that gives the skin the nutrients it needs. The cream is very concentrated every ingredient has a beneficial effect on the skin, leaving it lightened, nourished, moisturized, healthy, smooth and radiant. It naturally aids the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles, while deeply moisturizing the face, eye, neck and décolleté.

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7. Roc Multi Correxion 5 In 1 Restoring Facial Night Creambest fairness night cream for oily skin

Use it for even, toned, firmer, smoother skin. Roc Multi Correxion 5 In 1 Restoring Facial Night Cream is formulated with Hexinol Technology. It helps in reducing discoloration, sagging, dryness, dull skin tone, wrinkles and improves elasticity, loss of firmness, loss of radiance, and unevenness of skin tone in 4 weeks. The product fights key signs of aging while you sleep. Get that beauty rest your skin yearns for and wake up to younger-looking skin.

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8. Bleu Beaute Ultra Lifting Night Creambest fairness night cream for oily skin

The cream will multi-task as night moisturizer and lightener that effectively reduces signs of aging while you are sleeping and prevents dermatitis. Bleu Beaute Ultra Lifting Night Cream has everything you need to overcome the stress that shows on your face making you look older and fatigued. It is a great anti-aging formula with natural ingredients, featuring Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Retinol, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, CoQ10, and Peptides. This creates stimulation of collagen and elastin fibroblasts. Stimulates the healing and repair response of skin and increases skin thickness.

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9. YEOUTH Day Night Creambest fairness night cream for oily skin

It is lightweight for the day and hydrating for the night. This is a revitalizing, lasting, anti-aging moisturizer that leaves your skin refreshed, rejuvenated and nicely toned. YEOUTH Day Night Moisturizer Cream is packed with powerful natural, nourishing, and hydrating active ingredients. Snail extracts contain natural activators for damaged and aging skin, stimulating the production of elastin and collagen. The unique properties of snail extract contain key ingredients to promote healthy, beautiful skin. Green tea contains natural antioxidants called polyphenols that neutralize damaging free radicals. It has Hyaluronic acid and peptides as well.

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Yes, we do love the natural skin tone that we were born with. It is our identity and pride. You will not let it taken away from us. Protect your tones from the harsh environment, chemicals, and ticking clock. Keep your skin healthy and beautiful just as it was as a little you with best fairness night cream for oily skin.

How We Pick The Product

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It’s better to note that every product does not work for everyone. And the result may be different because of different skin tones, types, and conditions. So, often your dermatologist may give you the better recommendations which product you should use for your skin.


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