10 Best Body Sprays and Mists for Women in India (stretch out your smell to him)

best body spray for women in India

“Ishq Aur Mushq Chhupaye Nehi Chhupte”

(“Fragrance And Love: These Are The Two Things That Cannot Be Hidden”) – By Lord Gohar Shahi

Some good fragrance ladies? Want to know how to make the smell last?

There is a hidden tip on storing perfumes and fragrances well for a long time. Follow.

The products discussed here:

  1. Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Passion Struck Fragrance Mist
  2. The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist
  3. Grace Cole Peach & Pear Body Mist
  4. Bath & Body Perfumes
  5. Streax Perfumed Body Mist, Lily Vanilla
  6. Playboy Play It Lovely Body Mist
  7. Ital Veloce Strawberry Champagne Body Mist
  8. Layer’r Wotta Girl Crimson Chic Body Spray
  9. Yardley Morning Dew Deodorant Spray Body Mist
  10. Eva Deodorant Spray, Wild

They say a woman’s hidden accessory is her perfume that keeps the audience on an enchanting hold. The ultimate fashionista Coco Chanel was a great fan of perfumes and there was not a moment when you will not feel her presence.

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Your smell can make you unforgettable. Be loud in you fragrance even when you do not talk. It is not only a choice but the ultimate weapon in the game of seduction and manipulation. Linger in everyone’s memory as you leave them behind for a new destiny.

And also, stop the bad odor. I mean all cool stuff on one side but, to be honest as we run from here to there to do something in our life, bacteria also do their job and makes us smell bad. Kill them with fragrance!

Perfume: Your Elegance Symbol, Your Ultimate Accessory

To take your being to a new level of ecstasy, treat the nose with something really good. Find the magic that will last for a long time on people’s mind.

1. Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Passion Struck Fragrance Mistbest body sprays for women in India

Not only in the lingerie line but Victoria’s Secret also have secret formulas to make the game of senses more interesting. Its perfume line evokes the sensation and takes you to another level. The fresh floral and fruity accords of the Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Passion Struck Fragrance Mist will invigorate the senses of women and make them feel more fresh, relaxed and confident. After all tired and mushy feelings do not really help to lift you up freshness does.

The essence of vanilla and orchid add a new level of a likable hint. Something enchanting, your whole mood will shine and you will focus more on your work and life. Another great one is Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Secret Escape Body Mist. The coolness of the fragrance keeps your mind cool and let you think logically. Another favorite and popular one is Victoria’s Secret Pure Seduction Fragrance Mist for Women, Pink with an enticing blend of casaba melon, plum, and freesia. It is also moisturizing with aloe vera and calming chamomile. All the scent last longer when you spray it over your body right after a shower.

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2. The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist

Another appealing floral option for the lady of grace. So soothing, so refreshing you will be at the top of your graceful etiquette. Why? A relaxed mind and body do all its job with coolness a.k.a. with grace. One of the feelings that this body mist brings is bliss, the feeling of satisfaction with yourself. A sense of self-acceptance well it is not because of the brand or the reputation of it, it is the clear and calm mental state that helps you.

The Body Shop Moringa Body Mist is soothing on mind and body, is sweet and attractive to smell, classy and trendy with exotic subtle scent, not overpowering at all and save with long-lasting effect. Try it. You will not regret like other thousands of users. Another great pick of the same brand is The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose Fragrance Mist. It has a deadly smokey rose hint for the extremely sensuous evening. Hits right on the nerves in a fantastic infatuating enticing way.

3. Grace Cole Peach & Pear Body Mist

Who likes the soft and fuzzy peach? (I do!). To keep the peach get yourself Grace Cole Peach & Pear Body Mist. The peachy fruity scent will win your heart. It will suit you perfectly. The enticing fruity smell is extremely soothing for hot times like spring and summer season. It will keep you feeling fresh.

The tangy and citrus notes go well with any working atmosphere or even school. You can use it daily and stay away from bad odor during the hot sweaty seasons.

4. Bath & Body Perfumes

Actually, it is really hard to pick one of this brand. Not even the huge population of 1.324 billion was able to decide which one to pick. There are 4 on the list. Let us talk about them one by one shortly.

Let us start with Bath & Body Works Pink Chiffon Body Mist. The name itself feels so elegant and classy. Just like the cloth chiffon, the fragrance has the soft smooth silky feeling on the skin. You will feel like you are on a bed of pink flowers. Jasmine to be exact because that is what the fragrance is about. The great jasmines.

best body sprays for women in IndiaAnother one in is Bath Body Works Moonlight Path Fine Fragrance. Imagine under the moonlight you, a glittery dress great dress and lavender, oakmoss, musk, and lilies. That is the notes of this perfume.

Bath & Body Works Paris Amour Body Mist will take you on a trip to the love city. Its mystical fragrance of mandarin, strawberry, champagne, apples, peach, jasmines, and lots more will feel up your senses to the brim. Will bring new surprises each time.

Now, do it like the British Royals with Bath & Body Works London Tulips and Raspberry Tea Body Mist. Of all the picks it is the most delicate and feminine. This suits a woman of every type and is so enticing. This can be a really good gift if you cannot decide what to do. They will love it.

5. Streax Perfumed Body Mist, Lily Vanilla

A fresh bolt of tropical fragrances. The smell of lily, fruity vanilla will stay with you all day long and keep you entertained with the sweet smell. The freshness of Streax Perfumed Body Mist, Lily Vanilla will keep you enticed as you work, play, or study. Your mood will be happy and light and you will focus more. The sweet smell is a sweetheart.

“A Woman Perfume Tells More About Her Than Her Handwriting” – Christian Dior

6. Playboy Play It Lovely Body Mist

Playboy does not only know to bring good products for boys but can surely win the hearts of ladies. Wanna find out? Then try Playboy Play it Lovely Body Mist. The mystical fragrance goes on perfectly with your day to day life and keeps you on your toes, in a good way.

Or you can try Playboy Play it Spicy Body Mist as some like it spicy. This perfume is also very popular among the female popularity of the country. The blend of spicy, oriental and floral fragrance cannot be avoided that easily, right? Revives your senses to the full.

Hidden tip to keep fragrances long-lasting: many of you store bottles of perfume in the washroom or on the vanity table. But the best place to store a vile of good smell is somewhere cool, dry and away from sunlight and heat. Heat, humidity, light works as a catalyst and breaks down the perfumes molecule structure. It lessens its fragrance, quality and makes them short-lived.

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7. Ital Veloce Strawberry Champagne Body Mistbest body sprays for women in India

It is one of the most favorite fragrances of women since its launch in 2013. Its gentle soothing smell tingles your noses. The mild strawberry mist of Ital Veloce Strawberry Champagne Body Mist entails you throughout the day. Also attracts others. Will keep you on everyone’s radar.

8. Layer’r Wotta Girl Crimson Chic Body Spray

For those girls who like to smell sweet and nice but not the overly general floral type as if it is a walking flower garden. Instead, Layer’r Wotta Girl Crimson Chic Body Spray has fruity notes in it, sweet fruits. A very fine amalgamation of peach and pineapple, already feels like summers, right? Totally tropical feeling. Perfect for college girls and working ladies. The smell will last until your shifts end but then you have to reapply. So, carry it in the bag.

9. Yardley Morning Dew Deodorant Spray Body Mist

I guess many of us have already seen all the stylish ads by Yardley. Well, do not know if those ads or the fragrance paid off but Yardley Morning Dew Deodorant Spray Body Mist is a hit.

No, except that seriously it smells great. Just great. The complete but the alluring combo of fruits and spices will surely blow your mind. They will keep the body odor far away. Added notes of lavender will soothe you, calm you down making you more focused on your life.

10. Eva Deodorant Spray, Wildbest body sprays for women in India

Killer smell with the quality of fighting odor creating bacteria all day and also keeping skin safe is a combo found in less. The sound of it is already appealing, right? Eva Deodorant Spray, Wild is moisturizing which will keep your underarms skin soft and smooth. The pH balance keeps skin healthy. It also has anti-aging benefit to keep your skin young. And as said before do not worry about the smell it is fantastically killing.

So, this is the pick for top 10 best fragrances in India by Glamor Hack. The result is based on research. All info and statics have been collected from various trusted sites and research papers. But then again the heart wants what it wants.

Nor I or anyone else can tell you what you will like or not. So, none of our picks makes any sense. You will choose whether you like the smell of it or it is just any other if not worse. All we did was collect some public opinion.

But, when all these people have liked something, it is not bad to give them at least a try. After all, all these people from various aspects of life must have found something good in these body sprays that have earned their trust.

How to Wear Fragrance Like A Real French?

There is a whole science behind fragrances and its wearing methods. It is not as easy as it seems. Just by putting or spritzing the scented liquid will not make you good smelling but there are factors that should be taken care of.

Like, mood, stress level, age, body chemistry & oils, diet, and medications status effect and alters the fragrance. In fact, the dry and oily condition of skin matters a lot too. The way it smells and how long it will smell all depends on such little factors overall.

Also, there are certain points on your body that makes your scent sensation better. The heat points mainly, as the heat from our body lets the fragrances diffuse across your entire body making you smell sweet. Thus, it lasts long too.

The points are – wrist, neck, ankles, calves, below midriff, inside elbows, behind & knees. Choose one point at a time. In case, you are opting for a more mild fragrance spray in the air and walk slowly into the fog.

To make your hair smell spray it on your brush and comb or spray the specially formulated one to your hair. Be careful of the alcohol-based product as it will dry your hair badly.

Another tip dedicated to those who earn their own dough. When the bottle is almost empty and the rest cannot be reached pour it onto an unscented lotion. Waste not, want not.

Also, people, you can make your own customized fragrance without the laboratory stuff. Take in a few perfumes of different oils and smell them at the same time and see which one complements who. Make a combo and you have a new one, a signature of your own. Spray the strongest one first then top it with lighter one so that the strong one does not overpowers.

When you are testing for a fragrance wait for the liquid to completely dry on your skin only then the true smell comes out. You can also use business cards as bottle stripers. To rub of an unpleasant scent, wipe it with a makeup remover. Get familiar with basic fragrance terms and smell either you will waste and suffer a lot to find a nice one for you. Perfumes and chocolate boxes are same you never know what you are going for.

Make Your Smell A Sign of Your Presence

Keep your existence alive even when you have moved away. Let the nose tell the story of yours. Stay alive in the senses. A sweet memory that evokes the fantasies or a melancholy deeply hidden in the beats.

“Your perfume is your message, your scented slogan” – Maurice Roucel


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