10 Best Backpack Brands in the USA for Your Wanderlust

Updated: December 2, 2019
Best Backpack Brands in the USA
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As a child and still, my biggest dream – No, not finding true love, it is traveling.  All around the world. See with my eyes feel with my senses. It is many people’s big dreams or only dreams. So for the starters, we can help with the best backpack brands in the USA.

Backpacks are really essential for those who like to walk on their feet as they explore the beauty of nature. A good backpack can make your traveling much easier and happier. A good backpack has to be big enough to have all the necessary things, small enough for you to carry with ease, designed well for you to carry them in the wildest and strong enough to withstand anything.

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Backpacks are very important for a soldier too. It can save the soldier and other comrades life but also can keep precious belongings safe. Ths brands are what we are talking about and they are made on the land of dreams, America. The Great United States of America.

10 best American-made backpack brands that travel around the globe

The pride of the US. Their own manufacture. Their own producer. Their own admirer. The Great Dreamers.

1. Goruck10 Best Backpack Brands in the USA

The name ‘goruck’ is actually a portmanteau, ‘go + ruck’. So, it is your very own ruck on the go. Designed by a real-life Communications Sergeant of US defense, the bags are your survival buddy. Experienced with life-saving moments, the bags have a place for everything you need when you are out in the wild away from modern life’s facilities. Where single equipment can casue your life or the life of your partner. Goruck will ensure you have everything that you need and you can carry them easily with you.


2. Mission Workshop10 Best Backpack Brands in the USA

Set in San Francisco, the city of Golden Gate Bridge the Mission Workshop thrives to make gears as tough as it is beautiful. For 20 years already they are providing adventure lovers and working people of wild and uncivilized with gears that will help them in their hard and bumpy course. This company founded by friends and loved ones knows the meaning of loyalty and trust and it is shown in their quality products. Though they manufacture other survivor gears bags are their priority. Each bag is designed from a partner, they hand-cut the patterns and sew every prototype to perfection before passing along to their small U.S. factory for production runs.

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3. Mystery Ranch10 Best Backpack Brands in the USA

Committed to doing its duty to the fullest Mystery has a wide range of backpacks for military, fire, kletterwerks, mountain climbing, hunting, and everyday life. Their convenient, lightweight but fancy products use the best materials available and the most durable construction methods that exist in the industry. They seamlessly add a layer of superior gear to your system when you are indulged in action. No matter what you do or in what unbelievable situation you put your bag, it will pass all the trials and keep everything inside safe and sound.

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4. Topo Designs10 Best Backpack Brands in the USA

In their own words, Topo Designs strives for contradiction. Their roots are deeply lying in the mountain culture and outdoor living. They live in the proven classics but yield the knowledge and advantage of innovative modern technologies. Their ideas ensure a timeless look with modern functionality. They are uncomplicated and utilitarian, but with a sense of design and style through simplicity. They look for both and choose the past experience with new possibilities.

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5. CiloGear10 Best Backpack Brands in the USA

The winner of Sassy Award and much more CiloGear is one of the best outdoor gear manufacturing companies in the US. The bags are very light to carry but you won’t have to sacrifice much safety or utility. The bags are simple with a unique and charming design that lasts a long time even when went through rough times. Their products are quite popular among famous adventures and alpinist. Only when you use it you will realize how different it is and how fine your journey has become.


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6. ULA Equipment10 Best Backpack Brands in the USA

Comfortable, durable & lightweight backpacking equipment sewn in the USA. Established in 2001 it was founded by Pacific Crest Trail hiker Brian Frankle. These brands have a renowned name both domestically and internationally. Their products have won awards from time to time in different categories and have always succeeded to produce innovative efficient items that will help its users from novice levels to experts. It makes your travel more enjoyable and lift up the tension of weight on your shoulders.


7. Hyperlite Mountain Gear10 Best Backpack Brands in the USA

Bags designed to increase its user’s speed, distance, and efficiency. Hyperlite mountain gear produces optimized lightweight gear for passionate alpinists, backpackers, thru-hikers and other goal-oriented adventurers. Gear designed to function perfectly and become a seamless extension of the user. So they can focus on the task at hand and succeed in their pursuits. It has the perfect balance of strength, weight, and performance. Take these bombproof, foolproof gears with you in all your adventures so that you do not suffer foolishly.

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8. Alpine Luddites10 Best Backpack Brands in the USA

The modern rendition of the classic alpine climbing packs from 60’s and 70’s. They have highest quality materials available, one at a time, with limited custom options. The inspiration for the brand came from another classic of 60’s and 70’s the original Karrimor of the UK, Chouinard Equipment and Millett of France. Decades of climbing, backpacking, and traveling all over the world has gone into the designing and building quality of these packs. They know what they are built for.


9. North St. Bags10 Best Backpack Brands in the USA

The perfect example of a small industry thriving successfully in the competitive US market. When you buy a product from North ST. Bags you not only meet the folks selling it but the people who are actually making it. You hear their stories and learn what drives them, their passion and how their experience and vision make your life easy on the road.  They source all of their fabrics and the majority of the trim and hardware parts from US sources and produce high-quality products.


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10. Wild Things Gear10 Best Backpack Brands in the USA

Since 1981 all the products of Wild Things Gear are built here in the USA. No matter how wild you live these bags will support you fully. Whether you are working in mountainous, coastal, snowy, wet, unpredictable and less temperate stay safe and well equipped. All the things you need to survive and can be easily brought with you in these bags wherever you go, whenever you go. They can endure anything and last long with keeping things stores inside safe.



Ignite your love for exploring lost and untold cities, run around the world and see the stories with your own eyes, know new ways of living and fill your soul with all the positivity and conquering story of unsung legends. These bags will give you full out support.

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