What Are We?

Ello! How are you? Hopefully hope fine. And if not, hope our articles will make you feel fine.

Because that is what we are. ‘Feel Fine Friends’. Your friends.

Glamor Hack is a medium through which we the ‘Feel Fine Friends’ are trying to make everyone feel happy even in the most dread circumstances.

We have things (lots of things) related to life, fashion, skincare, cosmetics, health, sickness, natural remedy, tips, advice and all sorts of articles for each type of reader.

We are opting for better contents that will not only write on some topic but will also find a solution. A true, working solution that will help you, your surroundings, your society and the world overall.

Why The Name?

We believe that glamor is not only in those blingy things but glamor is when you bling. And that is what we try to do. Make you bling. Make you shine. So that the world shines along.

We bring all the nick-nacks for it. Also the big guns. In short every hack at the screen of your device in your hand.

What Do We Do?

We write. For you. Also, we make videos. We publish contents involving different topics of life from the different point of views. Upon vast research and proven facts.

We just not only write on our own but we try to hear you as well. We also try to connect people with each other no matter from where they are. A heart to heart connection.

So that we can share our problems and experiences and let them know they are not alone or they might face them as well and possible solutions to them.

What We Intend To Do?

As said before we are trying to make things better. Not only by giving already given advice but only giving helpful effective safe advice.

We care for us and our future. That is why we care for people, society, and Mother Nature.

All our product suggestion, list, remedies, advice are inspired by nature, logic, and science. We work for bringing only the true ones to you.

Who Is Working Behind?

A team of truly enthusiastic young people is trying hard day to night (do not worry we do not only help people, we make some hard cash too, though not much……)


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We live in the age of social media. We are full of them. Join us and discover new dimensions.

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We Have Friends! Wanna Meet Them?

Off-Mind YouTube Channel: Our youngest member. Following the trend, this little one brings all our contents in the video. For your eyes only.

Want to Be Our Friend and Friend to Others?

Yes, we have that option too. Write for us. As said before we are looking for a collective solution so as you send us your problems also send in your solution. An article. And if we like it and it seems relevant we will publish it here on our page with full credits given to you!!!!

You are also welcome to share the experience. Anything that you want other girls, boys, mothers, fathers, siblings, grandparents, working people and anyone to know about. We will help to spread the word. Always there for you.